Library Updates and An Interview With Ms. Chilton

By Lucy Fisher and Kelly Meeder

Condor Press: What is your daily schedule in the library?

Ms. Chilton:

It varies. We have classes coming in to do projects and English classes come in to get books and learn to use the library. We also help students with iPad issues or password problems and we troubleshoot technology issues for teachers and students.

CP: How do you buy the books?

MC: I subscribe to a publication that reviews new children books. I read the reviews and then use student interests to buy books.  I take recommendations from students too. We also have a wide variety of magazines for students to check out and read.

CP: Why do you like being a librarian?

MC: I like that everyday is different. I like the balance of working with teachers and students and trying to meet the needs of students. I also enjoy teaching students how to use the library and find reliable resources online.

CP: How many books do you think you have in here?

MC: 10,000 books and magazines. This library has been open since the school opened in the early 1930s.  We have new books coming in every month.

CP: What is your favorite book or genre?

MC: There’s so may, I like Delirium series by Lauren Oliver, Graceling by Kristin Cashore.  I like Wonder by RJ Palacio and the Matched series by Allie Condie.

CP: Did you have to study to be a librarian?

MC:Yes. you need a special teaching credential to be a librarian.

CP: How long have you been working in the library here?

MC: I’ve worked here for 10 years.

CP: Why did you choose to work at this school?

MC: I had a good friend who worked at SBJHS and I thought it would be fun to work with her.  


There is a device charging station in the library that was installed last year.  Students can charge their iPads in the morning, at lunch, and can even leave their iPads to charge in the library during P.E. Just make sure you don’t forget to pick it up.


The Library schedule is…

Monday: 7:50-2:45

Tuesday: 7:50-2:45


Thursday: 9:00-3:50

Friday: 7:50-2:45


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