Meet Ms. Yeh

By Alondra Valdez

 This year we are happy to welcome Ms. Yeh to our school. Recently I interviewed Ms.Yeh, a 7th-grade math teacher, who is new to this school.

When Ms. Yeh is not teaching she likes to go hiking and to go out with friends. She wanted to become a teacher because ever since she was young it has always been something that she had done, from tutoring her friends to helping out her family. She also has a lot of family members that are teachers. Ms. Yeh has worked other jobs but did not enjoy them like she enjoys teaching. She feels that being a teacher is something that she was meant to do. In ten years she hopes to still be teaching.

She feels that the biggest challenge for her in college was failing one of the most important classes and having to re-evaluate her life, and then taking the class again and making sure that she passed it so that she can continue with her path of teaching. She went to UCSB for her undergraduate degree and was very involved on campus. She was part of the bike committee at UCSB because at UCSB biking is a really popular thing. Her job as part of the committee was to maintain the paths and create new ones if needed, but also educating the community. As a student, she created an event, Gaucho Bike Fair. The sheriff department, SB Bike Coalition, UCPD, Associated Students Bike Shop, and other campus organizations helped support the event. At the event, people learned to repair their own bikes and stay safe on the road while biking and more. She was also part of the elections committee which is in charge of holding elections for UCSB. Part of her job was mediating issues that went on and figuring out the consequences for them.

What Ms. Yeh looks forward to the most is coming here and being able to work with the students. Being a teacher is very different from other jobs. Being a teacher you are seeing the future generations and the kids that are going to rule our world. For Ms. Yeh, the big thing for math is talking and explaining different ideas, instead of going straight to dividing and multiplying. She wants her student to look at the why and trying to explain and understand the concepts. Ms. Yeh feels that there is no right or wrong way in math. Her biggest goal is to teach her students to think for themselves and solve problems using the tools that they have. She feels that the most important is not if they can multiply multi-digit numbers, but if they can use those skills and tools to solve larger problems that they are faced with out in the real world.

Ms. Yeh is a math teacher and she tries her best for the students and is a great teacher.


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