Starting Christmas in September

By Anya McCue

A couple weeks ago my ballet school started rehearsing for our annual winter performance, The Night Before Christmas. This might seem odd to people, but performances take a long time to get together and starting it now will leave us just enough time to get the show together.

We are still figuring out the roles each person is going to have, but the biggest dances are already being figured out, casting wise. Since we do this performance every year and I have been doing this performance since I was 3, I have done almost every single part in the entire show and I have been listening to the music since before I was born, as my sister was doing the performance before me. I have literally grown up with this show and I can sing the music while I dance the part even if I haven’t even done that role before.

Since I know almost all the choreography, I can help my teacher teach the other students and I can also move onto the harder roles and solos. I am not exactly sure how other studios work and if I would be considered to young to be doing these roles, but at my studio it isn’t about your age, it is about your amount of experience. My ballet school will be working on this performance 7 times a week anywhere from 1-7 hours of rehearsals all the way up till the show. It’s a lot of hard work, but all the dancers and everyone else working on the show loves to do it every year as a tradition and I can’t imagine this time of season without it.


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