What Makes a Good Friend?

By Lenaiya Dealba

Today, modern technology allows us to make hundreds, or even thousands, of social network “friends” by simply adding their names to our list of contacts. But are we really making true friends? One survey revealed that although we are making friends and socializing, the number of our true close friends we have is going down. Like most people, you probably agree that good friends are an important part of life. Good friends are very hard to find these days. Here are some tips on how to find a faithful and verifiable friend. Also, how to be a good person to someone yourself.


     A good friendship is people who care for each other. When one falls down, the other does not bring them down with them instead they try to keep them up. A good friend is someone who is a good influence. They try their best to prevent you from making bad decisions and when you do they help you get back up and mend. They influence you to get better, not worse. A good friend is not a liar. They are not fake and do not keep secrets. They know what’s best for you and care about your feelings. A good friend is someone who is trustworthy. Someone you can count on when times are rough. Good friends are almost always there for you.


     A good friend is the one who sticks with you through thick and thin. They are forgiving. You may go through troubles but they will always forgive you. A good friend makes time for you. They will always be by your side. A good friend will not surround you with badness, and if they do that the other good friend will show them that those influences are not good for them. Even though we are all imperfect and make mistakes almost always a good friend will be what was just stated. Of course also not all good friendships last. Maybe some people just aren’t right for each other but it took some time to realize that. As you can see, again finding a good friend is hard. But looking for good qualities, being cautious, and being a good person yourself, you will eventually find the right people.

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