SBJH Condors Win Big!

By Indiya Zubiate

After a couple weeks of a practice game day finally has arrived. The boys and girls of SBJH were supposed to compete against La Colina a week and a half ago. However, due to rain and bad weather conditions, our game was cancelled.

Finally, on Wednesday, October 10, under the overcast sky the boys and girls of SBJH played against La Cumbre for our first after school competition. They competed in soccer, basketball, and cross country.

The girls were split into two teams, white and blue, which made up our soccer team. The blue team won 3-1 and the white team lost sadly 0-3.

Then for basketball the boys were also split into two separate teams which were 8th and 7th grade. Both the seventh and eighth grade teams dominated La Cumbre with a finally score of 23-21 for 8th and 16-8 for 7th.

Then finally our cross country team had a won against the La Cumbre team.

Our next game will be at Goleta Valley. Be sure to come and support the SBJH team if you can.


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