creative halloween costumes

By Angelina Marquez and Saryne Avalos

Some creative costumes are a pineapple, a strawberry, boo from monster inc, and Eleven. For the,  pineapple you could wear a yellow dress and get a headband and you could DIY leaves on it and that’s how you be a pineapple.

Another creative costume is a strawberry you could DIY(Do it yourself) leaves on a headband, and wear a red dress, and you can cut white paper as the seed.

Boo is really easy to do as you just need a oversized pink sweater,  purple bottoms and white shoes.

The last one is Eleven so you need a pink dress with a blue jacket and long white socks with white shoes. If  you want to make it extra you could get a watch and an eggo box.

In conclusion, there is a lot of creative costumes and they’re fun to make for Halloween. Also, there are some like the devil, angel, bunny and etc. There are a lot of costumes you could make,but we chose some of them and they’re really cool to make and cheap.

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