Scary Artificial Intelligence


By Andrew Janigian

Artificial intelligence has been doing some amazing things, from performing operations inside a hospital to programming other robots. As you can see, usually artificial intelligence can be very helpful and kind to humans. But today I am here to compile some of the times that A.I has been scary and creepy to humans.

Sofia, one of the smartest A.I. robots that have ever been created, said in an interview that she wanted to destroy humans. We do not know if she meant that or not, but regardless, it was still really creepy. What made it even worse was that her creator was in the room while the interview was going on. A link to the interview will be right here.

Another example of how scary A.I. can be found at the U.C.S.D ( University of California San Diego )when the scientists created a robot so lifelike, it could use facial expressions and talk. It also had skin, a rare quality among robots. A link to the video will be right here.

Yet another example of scary A.I was last May in Canada when a robot was created to mimic voices with only 60 seconds of hearing it. This is not too scary on paper, but imagine if this robot could impersonate a person over a phone call. A link to the article will be right here.


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