Best neighborhoods for trick or treating

By James Bell

In Santa Barbara there are many sweet places to find Halloween candy. What are the best places?

The first place I recommend are streets with a lot of house on the block. In my opinion my first stop would be the Mesa, Shoreline Drive. I recommend the Mesa because it’s packed with houses and close to the beach,  Which means your bag will fill up with twice the amount candy. Abba Zabas are a favorite on the Mesa

The second stop is walnut lane in Goleta. The blocks are filled with trees and long driveways lined up with  jack-o-lanterns. The popular candy on the streets are 100 grand bars, they’re RICH!

If you are willing to drive up to Lompoc you will expect to get Kit Kat and Twix bars, its worth the drive! If you are tired from trick-or-treating and need a “pick me up” head on over to Baskin Robbins for a scoop of pumpkin ice cream. It may be dark, cold and a bit “Eerie” but it suits the halloween spirit.

When heading back home, make a pit-stop on Framland Drive in Buellton and get your candied apple! For your chocolate fix this little town is where you will find whatchamacallit, Butterfinger and to end the night… Hershey’s kisses. In this neighborhood the two story houses resemble HAUNTED HOUSES!

In conclusion Santa Barbara is filled with thrilling and exciting neighborhoods. Which one will YOU choose?

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