Twelfth Night (or what you will)

The twelfth night is a play of mistaken identities, comedy, and love.  Two twins, Viola and Sebastian are shipwrecked. Each of them believes the other is dead. So they go their separate ways in Illyria. Viola becomes a servant to Orsino who is a duke and has to woo lady Olivia for him. But lady Olivia falls in love with Cesario instead of Orsino. Meanwhile, Sebastian gets mistaken for Cesario and gets in a fight with Sir Toby and Sir Andrew. Lady Olivia rescues him and they get married. Maria has played a prank on Malvolio, sending him love letters that he thinks are from Olivia, telling him to wear crazy yellow stockings and act really happy all the time, very different from how he normally acts. At the end of the play, the plot unfolds, as Viola and Sebastian are reunited. Orsino gets married to Viola, Sebastian and Olivia remain married, and it’s revealed that it was Maria who wrote the letters to Malvolio. The End!

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