Newest Sports Update

By Indiya Zubiate

On Wednesday October 24, the SBJH team traveled to La Colina for the last games of the season. This season the Condors have done extremely well and I hope you will all come out and support the Condors next season.

For our girls soccer team the Blue team had again taken victory in the final game with an end score of 3-0 against La Colina. A shout out to Indiya Zubiate, Cynthia Andreas and Maile Perez for scoring a goal in the last game of the season. The white team had won their last game of the season 2–0.

This season in soccer the Blue team had won two games and tied 1, the White had lost two and won one game. Overall, this season I think all the girls in soccer did an amazing job and can’t wait to see what the boys have in store for next season.

The boys of SBJH basketball team had played their last game as well and lost  with a final score of 29-11 for the 7th grade team. Shoutout to Ryan Sharkey for scoring multiple baskets.  Then the 8th grade team had also lost with a score of 26-18.

This season in Basketball the 7th grade team had won 2 games and lost one. The 8th grade team had won 2 lost one as well as the 7th grade team.

For cross country they competed against La Colina on a course of 1.4 miles. Again Phoebe Wolfe Lyons took first place with an ending time of 8:13 and Daisy McToldridge in second with 8:27. For the Boys Andreas Dybhal has made a title for himself as the fastest long distance runner in the school, with his final score of 7:27 finishing in second place. He was followed by Jack Garza and Julian Gaede as they crossed the finish line for the Condors. The cross country finals will be held at Elings park on November 14 and they  will be competing on a 2 mile course. I hope you can come out to support the cross country team in the finals.

This season in cross country Phoebe Wolfe Lyons has came in first for every meet and Andreas Dybhal has became the fastest long distance runner at SBJH. Congratulations to those two runners and all the track team runners for an incredible cross country season.

The season of basketball, soccer and cross country has finally ended and on Monday November 5th, the new season of basketball and soccer start. Except now the boys will now be playing soccer and the girls are playing basketball.

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