By Thomas MacIntosh

Scootering is like skateboarding but with 2 wheels and bars. There are 7 different parts on a scooter and I will explain all of them. The deck is 3 different pieces and shapes of steel welded together to make the correct shape. Occasionally there are deck dropouts in the back to prevent the deck from caving in, and not letting you tighten it. The wheels are usually 88a urethane hardness with a steel core for strength. The fork is steel and goes through the head tube of of the deck. The head tube is what connects everything. It is also connected to the deck. The fork also has a part in the front that the wheel goes in and the rest of the fork goes through the head tube with the headset. The headset is a little bearing that allows you to turn your bars around and the deck around. The fork is not big but it is one of the most important parts of a scooter, and it takes all of the impact off of stairs, so they have to be really strong. The headset goes in between the fork in the deck. The headset is a bearing and it makes it so the rider can do tail whips and barspins. The clamp holds the fork through the deck and the bars on the fork. The bars are two pieces of steel welded together with one crossbar. The grips go onto the end of the bars so that you don’t get blisters and you can hold the bars better.

You can do almost an infinite amount of tricks on a scooter.  Some of the basic ones are wallrides, grinds, airs, and handrails. You can air out of ramps and grab the deck, and spin the bars and the deck around.

Scootering has been an upcoming action sport and there is a huge community. Many professionals are trying to get scootering into the X Games. There are contests all around the world, there are also world championships where you can win thousands of dollars. Some of the major companies are, Tsi, Lucky, Proto, Tilt, Phoenix, Hella Grip, Native scooters, Ethic, MGP, Grit scooters, Flavor, and Aztek. Some of my favorite riders are Derek Marr, Devin Syzowski, Jake Sorensen, Juzzy Carter, Kai Saunders, Chema Cardenas, Hep Greg, and Harry Sutherland. There are a lot of scooter shops around the LA area. The most famous is in Inglewood. It is called The Vault Pro Scooters. They have 250k on Youtube and about the same on Instagram. They follow me, and I was posted on their Instagram.

In conclusion scootering Is an upcoming action sport. Scootering is usually looked at as a toy but people can do some pretty gnarly stuff on a scooter. Scootering is making a real name for itself in action sports.

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