History of Thanksgiving

By Andrew Janigian

 Thanksgiving is one of the oldest holidays celebrated by Americans, but not so many know why. Today, I will explain the history and meaning behind Thanksgiving, and why we celebrate it.

 The Pilgrims created Thanksgiving to show how thankful they were for the good harvests of that season. The harvesting season occurred during the fall, which explains why this holiday is in November. Turkey is eaten in tribute to the Native Americans who hunted birds and other animals for food at that time. Canned cranberry jello is also eaten as a symbol of harvesting crops. As you can see, Thanksgiving is not only celebrating the immigrating Pilgrims at that time, but also the Native Americans who helped them. We celebrate Thanksgiving in America in tribute to these people and their culture.

 In conclusion, I believe that Thanksgiving is one of America’s most symbolic holidays. It started out as a little meal shared between Native Americans and the Pilgrims, and has turned into a national holiday. I personally enjoy this holiday because it is a time when all of my family can bond together as a whole, and share a great meal.

IMG_0027Resources: Wikipedia, History.com

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