First Responder Postage Stamp

By Indiya Zubiate 

The first responder stamps symbolize firemen,emergency professionals, and law enforcement.  These stamps are made to recognize and acknowledge the men and women of our community that respond to critical situations using their skills to help save and protect our citizens.

You may be wondering what is a stamp and what are they used for. Well according to the dictionary, a postage stamp is small adhesive piece of paper of specified value. Issued by a postal authority it is  to be affixed to a letter or parcel to indicate the amount of postage paid.

These stamps are so important because all of these first responders are critical to our daily lives. They have helped us get through all the horrible things that have happened this past year.

These stamps in particular are called a forever stamp. Which means if you were to buy a stamp for 50 cents and the stamp rate goes up to 75 cents, you are still able to use those stamps even though the price has gone up. The forever stamps are the only stamps that fluctuate with price change.

If you want to buy a sheet of 20 stamp,  it’s $10. A block of 10 stamps cost $5. Or if you wanted to buy just 4 stamps, it costs $2. Then if you would want to purchase a single forever stamp, it would cost you about cost 49- 50 cents.

Brian Stauffer designed the stamps, a special thanks to the United States post office for honoring the first responders in this wonderful way.


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