After school sports season 2

By Indiya Zubiate

This week on November 14, we had our first game of the second season for girls basketball and boys soccer. The game took place at SBJHS on November 14 against Goleta Valley.

For our girls basketball the 8th grade team did extremely well and won both of their games. For team A, for 8th grade, the score was 36 to 13. Shout out to Ceclie Arreola for her amazing 3 point shots and Leanna for dominating the defense for her team. Then for team B, 8th grade, it was 32 to 8. Shout out to Monique and Arianna for scoring for the Condors. Sadly, for the 7th grade, team they had lost both games against Goleta Valley. Team A for 7th grade, scored 42 to 25 ending in a loss, team B for 7th scored 30 to 18. Even though they lost a big shout out to Lahela for her great defense and Atrice for her assists. Good job to the Condors this week in girls basketball for playing extremely hard against the Goleta Valley team.

For our boys soccer team the 7th grade team dominated Mariners with a score of 9 to 2. Our 8th grade team wasn’t as lucky and ended with a score of 4-0.

Hope to see you come out and support the condors at their next game La Cumbre the Wednesday after thanksgiving break on the 28 of November.


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