Locker room and MPR teardown

By Anya McCue

There have been rumors around school about the lockers rooms being torn down since the beginning of the year and the ending of last. In my opinion, I don’t care if the locker rooms are a little sketchy. I like thinking back to all the memories of PE last year and I can’t think of one that involved wanting a big fancy locker room. It would be awesome for the future years of Condors to have a nice locker room. But I would really rather that they tear down the locker rooms after the eighth graders graduate and I am sure there are some other eighth graders who can relate too.

I wrote the previous paragraph before the interview with Mr. Garcia.

He started with telling me about why they want to tear the locker rooms down and how it came up. He told me that the school district decided they needed to raise money to “…refurnish and renew a variety of building across the district…” They had to vote on it and the vote was in favor of yes, “and said let’s create money to help the schools out.” This is how it started. Then they started to think of ideas of what to do with the money. They needed a new locker room and cafeteria because they are “so old and are really falling apart.” He told me that they looked into repairing them but it would be better if they just tore them down.

Afterwards I asked when it will realistically happen. He replied by saying, “It was supposed to have started in June of 2018. Then it got moved to June of 2019, then it got moved to February, March of 2019. But now we are not sure. Realistically I believe it will start by July of 2019…it may start earlier.”

Then I asked why he thought it keeps getting postponed. He told me that it keeps getting postponed because “the plans that the architect created, they have to go to the Department of State Architects and that organization and looks at the plans and tells our architects you have to make this change, that change, and so it is a back and forth…with adjusting the plans.

Lastly I asked what the biggest problems are with the locker room and how they will fix them. One of the problems is the air ventilation and it gets really stuffy and that will be improved. They will also allow easier access to the restrooms. Because you will have access to the bathrooms from the cafeteria and the locker rooms.

He also added that when they start it will take 18 months to finish. So if they start in the summer, the seventh graders now won’t have the locker rooms. I also asked him what the people with no locker rooms will do. He said that they moved offices out of the hallways near the globe and they are going to reuse the lockers from the locker rooms and put those in the old office room as a makeshift locker room space. As for the cafeteria there are going to be “big tents out on the basketball court and it will be a covered eating area. But they will have to bring in food trucks.” So the food won’t be made on campus while they are in construction. The only lunch areas will be the basketball court and the field.

From what I have seen, I think that the new locker rooms and cafeteria are going to be super nice and I am happy for the future generations of condors!


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