Santa Barbara Holiday Night Market!

By Amelia Mendro

The Santa Barbara Night Market, a so-called “European-style night market,” was a flop. The market was supposed to “bring the fun back to State Street,” but instead it brought crowded quarters, expensive hipster stores, and disappointment. The market is open from November 23 to December 29, Thursday-Sunday from 4-10pm. The stores inside ranged from the Ugg Store to overpriced candle stores to the Random store from downtown.

Walking around the market was especially unpleasant, as the space is much too small for all the people inside. Everybody is constantly brushing against each other, there is no room to look at the merchandise offered at the stalls, and it is impossible to find your way through the market.

The stores are the same and all overpriced. One store sold candles for $24. The candles weren’t especially large or nice smelling, just average. Who wants to pay $24 for an average candle? The other stores sold jewelry that looked as if it had been made by a 3rd grader in art class. Most people wouldn’t want to pay $30 to $50 for a cheap looking necklace made from wire and a beach stone.

The night market was underwhelming and dispiriting of the holiday cheer with its Santa Barbara Night Market. Many were expecting a cheerful and unique shopping experience, but instead found themselves packed into the old Macy’s like sardines. The stores were overpriced for the quality of items and overall, the Santa Barbara Night Market was a poor excuse for a European style night market.

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