Christmas Technology Gifts



by Andrew Janigian

In today’s world there is technology everywhere from in our pockets to out in our cars. It is used for everything. In this article I will point out some interesting and inexpensive pieces of tech that not everyone knows about.

One cool new product from Fenebort are the Wireless Bluetooth ear buds. These are some of the cheapest wireless ear buds you can find, currently running at $26.97 on Amazon. They have a wireless charging case included and the sound quality is very good. Say goodbye to your cords getting tangled up and broken. In addition, the ear buds are also very durable. The only way they could break would be internal damage, which is very hard to inflict unintentionally. You can look at them here.

Another useful product is the Roku Express HD. This tiny box can turn any T.V, no matter how old, into a smart T.V with all of the latest streaming apps included. It requires an internet connection, but it does not have to be super fast. The box is $30.00 on Amazon and gets updates monthly. I feel it is a necessity for any non smart T.V. You can look at them here.

The final product that I will talk about today is the Sabrent 60 watt charging brick. It can charge 10 devices at once, and they can be anything from Android phones to Apple tablets. As long as you have the correct USB cord for the item being charged, this power brick can charge it. It is $29.99 on Amazon with free shipping. You can look at them here.

In conclusion, I hope this has helped you find interesting technology items for yourself or others during this holiday time. These are easy, inexpensive ways to upgrade your experience when using technology.

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