raising our light

By Thomas MacIntosh

On the date January 9, 2018 the Montecito mudslides happened. The mudslides were disastrous with a ½ and inch of rain fall in 15 minutes. Normally that wouldn’t have been that big of a problem, but because of the Thomas fire that had been 100% contained just weeks before nothing was rooted to the ground and there was no strength in the hills flowing down to Montecito. 21 people were confirmed dead and there are 2 others that were washed away, and never found. Now a year later on January 9, 2019 we are having a remembrance for the homes that were destroyed and the lives that were lost in the Montecito mudslides


I attended the remembrance and it was a very beautiful and moving event. They had shuttles coming from everywhere in Santa barbara/Montecito transporting people to lower Manning Park, where the ceremony/walk would start. Many family members of the victims talked about their loved ones that were lost and the heroes that saved numerous people’s lives. They gave out prayer candles, and left out flowers as a memorial for the victims. There was thousands of people there, about halfway down the road I looked back and it was filled with people and they kept coming out of the park. It was truly a very beautiful event that moved me and a lot of other people. The event had been given the name “raising our light.” To honor the victims. At the end of the walk at the church they were handing out soup, and desserts like cookies and cupcakes. There was also a service in the church also in honor of the victims.


This event really showed what we as a community are capable of and how much we care about the people who are a part of it. This was a very big disaster in Oiler community and it was beautiful when we came together.

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