Technology Update 2019

By Andrew Janigian

Technology has been getting more and more advanced every year to the point that it is getting hard to keep track of all of these great electronic innovations. That is why CES, Consumer Electronics Show has been of so much help making this article. CES is a yearly electronic showcase from all of the biggest brands in technology excluding Apple. They showcase everything there from fold up T.Vs to dishwashers with A.I. This is where it has gained its reputation as the “biggest electronics showcase in the world”.

LG has just announced their QLED 8K T.V available for consumers in late 2019. It is a roll up T.V meaning that it can be stored in very, very small places and roll out to full size. It also may have A.I. ( artificial intelligence ) built in with the power of Google Home. Sadly, there has been no 8K content released yet so those who buy this will just have to settle with upscaled 1080p or 4K content. This was announced at CES 2019.

Another thing also made by LG are their A.I house appliances. These are said to revolutionize the way life at home is and reduce the amount of physical labor using artificial intelligence. This is not as simple as just voice activation though, there have been hints at self automated machines but not much detail has been given. These were also announced at CES 2019.

The final thing that I will talk about today are laptops. Usually when buying a laptop you will get a 720p or 1080p panel. This is all going to change this year, with 4K panels. This allows for affordable 4K gaming, streaming, and mirroring. These panels have only been announced for Microsoft laptops though, so if you did want to mirror you would have to get a wired HDMI cord, or a corresponding T.V to the brand of your laptop.

In conclusion, technology in 2019 looks even more promising than ever. Looking at what has been announced here at the beginning of the year, my hopes are very high for the rest of it. I hope to see technology like this develop more throughout the year.

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