Glenn Close

By Anya McCue

On Saturday February 2, 2019, Glenn Close walked the red carpet. The press were lined up all along the barrier, and sadly the Condor Press was at the very back. We thought that we weren’t going to get an interview, but Glenn Close ended up going the opposite way down the carpet. We got to speak to her first!

Close and her adorable dog came over to us and asked, “What school are you guys from?” And thus began the interview.

I only got to ask her two questions, the first of which was, “ When filming this movie did you have any personal experiences that affected how you played and connected with your character?.”

She answered with, “I did, yes. I have had relationships like that where I felt that I was invisible and diminished and it is not a good thing for your soul.” She explained that she also thought of her mother when making the film because she had never followed what she wanted to do or fulfilled her personal life goals. Her mother was only there for Close’s dad the whole time. Close said that, “At the end of her life she felt like [her mother] had accomplished nothing.”

Then I asked, “ Did this movie affect you in any way? Did it empower you or make you take a different look on what women have to go through?”

Glenn responded, “I think what really is astound to me about is how many people had responded to it and how it has such residence with young women, older women and men as well. It’s just like you take things for granted until you say, ‘wait a second, what has your life been?’ So, yes, I think that it has made people think and hopefully have conversations about where they are in their relationship.”

Overall, this experience was amazing. Talking to someone this phenomenal and passionate about what they do is so interesting for me, and I thank Santa Barbara International Film Festival and Mr.Shelton for this opportunity.

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