An Editorial on Mondays

By Abel Renteria

Mondays are the most boring days ever. Kids have to go back to school for five more days again, parents have to go to work again from a lazy break. I hate Mondays because we get a 2-day break of doing whatever we want, and then we have to come back to school and learn. The only good part of Monday is coming back to see our friends that we haven’t seen in a couple of days.

Everyone I know doesn’t like coming back to schools on Monday. Monday is too slow and I feel like the day is four extra hours of school and work. I’d rather be home and relaxing, basically what I do on the weekends, but no I have to come back to school. So, Monday is my least favorite day of the week. I share this opinion with a lot of other people.

By contrast, my favorite day of the week is Friday because we get out of school for the week and we have two days to do whatever. Saturdays and Sundays are alright, but when it’s Sunday, I always think about how we have school the next day, and I have to do homework at 6 o’clock. Then on Saturdays, I think about how we have school in basically a day and I only have this night to ask someone to spend the night or spend the night at someone’s house before I have to go to school and wait a whole other week to have fun. So, basically, in my opinion, Mondays are THE WORST!


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