Long Weekends

By Thomas MacIntosh


Weekends are great, but in my opinion they are way too short. I think that we should have 4 day weeks, and 3 day weekends. I feel like the weeks are too overwhelming to have only 2 days off for the weekends. I feel a lot more rested and relaxed if I’ve had a 3 day weekend. It would take a lot of stress off of me, and all of my class if we had 4 day weeks and 3 day weekend.

We would all be rested and in a better mood overall, if we always had 4 day weeks and 3 day weekends. I would be so much better for kids and adults to have a longer time off, considering there’s 7 days in a week, and there’s only 2 days taken out of that week dedicated for people to have a break, and I think that’s really unreasonable. When I have a 3 day weekend i feel way more relaxed at school because I know that i have something to look forward to other than just a 2 day weekend. I really do think that if we had 3 day weekends every week everyone would be happy and more relaxed.

In the CUT article written by Melissa Dahl she states that schools that have switched to 4 day weeks have seen better test results in their kids. It is insane that the facts are proven yet we don’t use it already. Kids are in better moods and so are teachers so why don’t we just try it?

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