Overwatch League

By Andrew Janigian

Overwatch League is the first international competitive esport. For those who don’t know, an esport is an electronic sport. Most of the time esports are video game related or electronic related sports. People of all nationalities gather to watch their team play at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles. There are 20 teams from all different parts of the world, from Seoul to Paris. Tickets can be as low as $20.00 and provide 6-7 hours of gameplay, which is about $3.00 an hour. Overall, it is one of the most affordable and fun events you can see here in California.


The day I attended (March 9th, Stage 1 Week 4) the first team playing was Los Angeles Valiant who were going up against the Houston Outlaws. I was rooting for Los Angeles, but they ended up losing by a hair. At the end of the day Houston was victorious with a 1-2 score. The second match was Seoul Dynasty vs the Washington Justice. This match I was rooting for Seoul Dynasty and they beat Washington Justice with a 3-1 score. The third match of the day was Guangzhou Charge vs the Los Angeles Gladiators. Guangzhou, based in China started out strong taking a lead by one point, but later cracked to face a final score of 1-3. It was getting late, so we did not stay for the fourth match of the day, but the teams playing were Hangzhou Spark, also based in China vs the Toronto Defiant. Toronto Defiant won  3-0.


In conclusion, Overwatch League is a very affordable and fun outing and I highly recommend that anyone who is into esports try it. Even for those that are not huge video game fanatics, I urge you to see one game and see how you like it. In my opinion, it can make a great family outing once in a while or a nice event to see with a friend.

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