The Bathroom Abomination: A Student Commentary

By Anya McCue

Our administration has decided that it is a necessity to have a sign-in, sign-out sheet so that they can keep track of who is going in and out of the classrooms. I completely understand that there have been people who take advantage of this freedom. They say, “Can I go to the bathroom?” And they end up just walking the halls and “disrupting the classes.” This has come to the attention of the teachers causing them to be more strict with the entire student population, even though not everyone is taking advantage of our privileges.

This problem hasn’t just been occurring now and I am not just addressing the sign in and sign out sheet. I am talking about the bigger picture of teachers that have a bias towards certain students (where they are aware of it or not) and they sometimes don’t let them go. Which in my eyes is an equal amount of wrong to the students who take advantage of it in the first place?

This is not ok. We should have a right to go to the bathroom when we need to and this needs to be addressed. It’s not ok to be told that my academic lessons are a priority over my health. It’s not comforting to know that someone else has control over my well being and I also don’t take comfort in the fact that teachers are keeping track of my pee schedule.

It’s an uncomfortable topic for students and teachers to address, but it needs to be addressed. I want the freedom to go to the bathroom whenever I need to and I don’t think the answer to wayward students in the halls is a sign in sign out sheet or a teacher’s bias against certain students.


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