Legally Blonde the Musical

By Kelly Meeder and Lucy Fisher

K: Omigod you guys! Legally Blonde rocked!

L:The legendary movie, Legally Blonde, was adapted into a musical,

K: and Lucy and I had the chance to see it on Wednesday night.

L: One of our favorite movies was brought to life in front of our eyes, and it was super totally awesome!

K: The play modernized the storyline a bit, but stuck to the original fashion style. I was really surprised how much they changed the story.

L: But in a good way. The movie and the musical are so different but the character, Elle Woods remained consistent throughout both.

K: It was a really small cast, but that didn’t change much. My favorite part was the backstories added to Emmet and Paulette, because I’ve always wanted to learn more about them. I liked how Emmet supposedly came from a low-income household, because it really dramatized Elle’s plan to follow Warner all the way to Harvard. He had to work from the bottom up, when all she had to do was pay herself in, much like the themes we’re seeing in the current College admission scandals.

L: I think this whole part of the play showed us how privileged Elle is and I think it made her realize that she should also need to work. Once she fulfilled her potential, she realized she never wanted to be treated better because of her looks, and so in the end she proved that she could be a good lawyer despite her “blonde ness” that others told her she wouldn’t be taken seriously for.

K: Another theme I sort of picked up on, was that Elle never really said she loved Warner in the beginning, she just loved his love for her. I think she was loving the lifestyle that came with him.

L: I also loved how they portrayed Kyle the UPS guy as more of a showy and bold person because that’s the type of guy that’s right for Paulette. Someone who likes her from the beginning. It is also really funny because she breaks his nose but he loves her anyways. That’s real love right there. Overall the best moment for these two (not in the movie) is when at Elle’s graduation, they do the overview of where everyone ended up after 3 years.

K: Our conclusion is that Legally Blonde was awesome, and if you ever have the chance to see it, we’d strongly recommend it!


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