Archives 2019


By Andrew Janigian

Every year in April, Blizzard gives little bits and pieces of Overwatch lore, explaining why the heroes are here and doing what they are doing. These bits and pieces give us information about the back story of some of our most beloved heroes and mysterious organizations. This year, Blizzard has given details about new heroes, new people, and new organizations.


During this years limited time event, Storm Rising, lore is revealed about the elusive omnic black market dealer, Maximilian. Maximilian has been seen many times before but as far as we knew up to now, he had no voice or character. He is involved with the evil weapon dealing group, Talon, though his motives for being there are unclear. Most believe he is in it for his own gain. This is why at the end of the mission (spoilers, skip to paragraph 5) he snitches Doomfist’s location, the made-up city of Anubis, Egypt, to save his own life. Doomfist is the current leader of Talon, after “accidentally” eliminating his former master. This is what has made him such a high priority target for Overwatch.


Doomfist also has connections with the ruthless assassin and former Overwatch agent, “Amélie Lacroix” (now known as Widowmaker). It has been a priority for Overwatch to bring Amélie back, as she was brainwashed by Talon to be a heartless assassin. She even killed her own husband, also an overwatch agent. In the Overwatch Reflections comic (I highly recommend you read it), she is seen staring at her husband’s grave, apparently showing remorse. This is a sign she may be gaining her former emotion back.


Sombra is a hacker, and has been since she was a teen. She lived in the made-up, poor city of Dorado, Mexico and served the Los Muertos gang. She was the youngest one there, but their most valuable asset. She saw Talon as a resource for important information and that’s what led her to join. At this point, she is in it for her own gain, and it looks to be that she is using Talon more than Talon is using her.


Going back to Storm Rising, Mr. Kaplan, lead designer of Overwatch, revealed in a live stream with popular Overwatch content maker, ohnickel (channel link here), that he has plans for Maximilian to become more and more relevant in future lore and comics. He also talked about a special change coming in the next couple of weeks (around the time of the Anniversary event). He mentioned that he is having a fan favorite feature return during anniversary, and that is the inclusion of all of the archives events. This allows for achievement hunters (like myself) to have more time to practice and prep.


Archives 2019 has been the best version yet, and every year, Blizzard is making improvements. I was happy to see how much of a success Storm Rising was and the return of Uprising and Retribution. I am looking forward to the Anniversary event and the months there on.


Also, coming up soon is Blizzard’s annual sale, where they will half the price of Overwatch, making it only $20. All of the Archives content mentioned here is free and comes in the form of updates, though it is only playable during the events. If you do not have it already, Overwatch is available on all major platforms except the Nintendo Switch. For hardware requirements (this only applies to PCs), visit the link here. You can buy the holiday bundle on Amazon here. This bundle is from $32-40 (depending on console, this is a console only bundle) and comes with a free Genji carbon fiber collectible figurine and 15 free in-game skins. For the record, Overwatch requires Xbox Live Gold or Playstation Plus. To buy it on P.C, go to and make sure your P.C meets all the hardware requirements.



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