Global Issues And Their Solutons

By Abel Renteria

In my 7th grade honors English class, we are writing argumentative essays about issues around the world. Some topics include child abuse, drunk driving, and gay adoption. We read an example article about what are essay should be like, The example topic was about how we should change the law that  teens drinking energy drinks below 18 years of age. It said that young people about 14 and 16 years of age have died by drinking Red Bulls and other energy drinks like Monsters.

The article went into depth and detail of why this needs to stop. In my opinion don’t think that it’s a problem with kids drink them. I think the law should be that you need to be 13-14 to able drink energy drinks.

I picked the topic of Animal Cloning. I picked this because I didn’t even know it was a thing and I wanted to know more about it. When I read this one article about it, it was actually really interesting. Scientists say that they might be able to bring back extinct animals. They just need a gene of the animal to make the animal. I think it’s really cool. The only thing about the cloning is that people are going to try to bring back people who died. This should be use for science and if they’re going to clone a human, clone someone from history. But it should be used for science. What do you think should happen?

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