Stage 2 End

By Andrew Janigian

Overwatch League just finished their second quarter of 2019. The winners of this season were the San Francisco Shock, winning most matches they have played up to now. They ran a comp consisting mainly of GOATS or DIVE depending on the map. For that matter, most teams in OWL 2019 have used a version of DIVE or GOATS at some point.


For those who don’t know, GOATS is the current meta dominating competitive Overwatch, and DIVE is the counter meta at this point. Both comps contain the basic setup of 3 tanks and 3 healers. This could be modified to 3 tanks, 2 healers, and a dps with self-heal (Soldier: 76 can be a popular choice in GOATS). The weakness of GOATS is that it is a highly stationary setup that does not allow for flanking or rushing. This is where the counter-meta, DIVE, comes in.


DIVE is a highly mobile setup usually used on attack to counter GOATS. It also consists of 3 tanks and 3 healers. Again, one of the healers can be modified to play a dps with self-heal (usually a Reaper in DIVE) to counter the highly stationary tanks. Usually a Lucio is played to emphasize speed in capturing and a D.Va for the offensive ultimate. An Ana could also be used to Nano-Boost the dps on the team or the offensive D.Va ultimate. The main weakness of DIVE is their support. Sometimes if the opposing tanks can single out and eliminate your team’s support, your internal defense will crumble and eventually will result in a team wipe in the enemy’s favor.


In conclusion, Stage 2 was a very eventful quarter with tricks and surprises around every corner. I was surprised to see how many casual strats were edited to become competitively viable (like Bunker, Pirate Ship, SNOATS, etc.) and I will talk about these more in-depth in a future article.

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