By Anya McCue

The eighth graders are leaving, the seventh graders taking our place. The role of eighth graders is a responsibility that comes with a lot of benefits. This year the eighth graders have made so many memories and have strengthened so many friendships.

Being an eighth grader myself, I can honestly say that I have learned so much these past two years. Seventh grade was just a big package of new and exciting things. New people, ideas, classes, school and so much more was introduced to every seventh grader. We almost didn’t have time to enjoy it because it was so much.

Then eighth grade rolled around and we all sunk into our roles as the leaders at the school. We could take a moment to appreciate our teachers, classes, funny moments, friends, and memories that we had made. The school started to feel more like a home and less of a “new and exciting experience.” But the year passed by quickly and now all of a sudden we are moving on.

As a whole I think if the eighth graders could all say one thing, they would say to the incoming eighth graders to enjoy every moment you have here, even the bad ones, because it doesn’t last forever.

Farewell from the class of 2019.

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