WEB Day 2019

Eighth Grade POV – Addison Sweeney

WEB day is a long standing tradition at SBJHS, eighth grade leaders introducing the seventh graders to their new school. WEB stands for where everybody belongs, and it is fitting that WEB day is designed to make the seventh graders feel welcome. WEB day began in the Marjorie Luke Theater with a pep assembly. The groups moved onto the front lawn where WEB leaders did activities designed to help students prepare for the coming year. After finishing on the field, the WEB leaders took their seventh graders on a tour of the school. To finish off the day, everyone met back in The Luke for some closing comments.

Seventh Grade POV – Joshua Loza

Web Day here at the Santa Barbara Jr. High took place on the second day of school. It’s a day for all the new seventh graders to see and hear about all the things that they are going to do. A big group of eighth graders split up into smaller groups of two and take about eight seventh graders and do fun activities with them.

 As a seventh grader myself, I must say that it was quite the experience meeting so many new faces, playing games, and partaking in the activities.The eighth graders did an outstanding job at keeping us engaged in the games, and I hope next year’s class does the same.

 The assembly did a good job kicking off the day and letting us have fun on stage. Watching the people trying to pop the balloon was a blast.  Overall, it was quite the day for everyone, seventh graders and all.


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