The Ms. Velasquez Story

By Carlos Unzueta

If you thought you knew Ms. Velasquez, read this and find out the rest of the story!

Ms. Velasquez was born and raised in Castro Valley, California. As a kid, her favorite subject was math because she was very good at it. She attended Mission San Jose High School because it was the closest high school in the area.

Exercising was very important to Ms. Velasquez and she then studied Kinesiology at Westmont College in Santa Barbara. Kinesiology is the study of body movements physically and psychologically. She says that she did kinesiology because she loves exercising and that it is one of her favorite things to do. She also went there because she had always wanted to go to school in Santa Barbara.

When she was done with college, she first wanted to find a career as an athletic trainer. But she would then get the job of being a P.E teacher at Santa Barbara Junior High. She wanted to do this job because she says that it is important for the kids to go out and exercise because they are in the classroom all day. Her favorite part of this school is the students because they are fun to be around.

Outside of school, her favorite thing to do is go to yoga and hang out at the beach with her kids. She said that she loves this school and that she would want to work here for about ten more years if she could.           

Now you know more about Ms. Velasquez, our great P.E teacher at Santa Barbara Junior High. Say hello the next time you see her!

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