The Construction

By Joshua Loza

Edited by Addie Sweeney

As many of you know, there is construction going on at our school, which has created some inconveniences for students, staff, and parents alike. Our quad was deemed unsafe to eat in once the construction had started, meaning that the popular lunch space was no longer available to us. To remedy this, there were two tents put up on the blacktop near the basketball courts. One tent is designated for eating in, known as The White House. The tent is filled with tables for students to sit and eat in the shade. Some students say that the tents fill up quickly, but others say that they don’t really mind the cramped space. The other tent is for serving cold lunch like smoothies, salad, cookies, chips, and drinks. Although many say that the tents are helpful with providing shades and tables, most students we talked to agreed that they preferred the quad. Meanwhile, the construction can pose a few problems like loud noises during class, and shaking the building occasionally. Students are saying they can feel the construction in

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