Santa Barbara Climate Strike

By Sophia Mills

Following 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg in the act Fridays for Future, activists estimated that over 4 million people around the world went on strike on the 27th of September. That includes people from our very own Santa Barbara! 


The strike started at noon at De La Guerra Plaza in front of City Hall. Hundreds of people were listening to the many speeches made by local activists and local political figures. There were tables with art projects as well as tables that informed you about organizations that are helping reduce threats to the climate. We marched as a group, chanting and waving our colorful messages printed on cardboard signs down State Street. Many people on the sidewalks were waving and videoing in support of the march, some even had their own signs. We marched all the way to Pershing Park where we listened to more inspirational speeches talking about how as a group, we can come up with solutions to climate change. The march wrapped up around 2 and people began to walk back up to their cars, with the feeling that we can all help make a difference and save our planet. 

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