Meet Mrs. Knecht

By Joshua Loza


There are many teachers and staff here at Santa Barbara J.R. High. I chose the teacher of my favorite subject. 


Her name is Nicole Knecht and she is one of the few P.E. Teachers that here at school. She is a hard-working person who believes her job is fun, exciting, and somewhat exhausting. She gets to school every day around 7:45 to get ready for her first class and leaves around 2:45. But how did she start? 


When she finished college she was working as a waitress trying to pay for her credentials program. Then she became a personal trainer at a gym for a few years. Then she worked at Silicon Valley at a cubicle work in the medical field as an E.M.T. (Emergency medical technician). She did this for about 6 months before she realized that the hours were pretty strenuous. She started thinking of other jobs, then she thought of kids and working for the body, giving her the thing she states as a “dream job”. She started teaching P.E.Classes in 1997 at San Diego. The school had 6th, 7th, and 8th graders attending, having quite the bunch. She had a mentor for the year that helped her guide the students. Although she states that the students were actually nice and rarely misbehaved. She doesn’t plan to stop working here too soon. She states that she might want to stop around 20 years from now. She has some time until she’s done, but hopes the next few years will be treasured.

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