Meet Mrs. Mezzetta

By Jaya Goforth

 I don’t know how to start telling you about Mrs.Mezzetta, because there are so many cool things about her. For example, if Mrs.Mezzetta had a superpower, she would want to be able to snap her fingers and be anywhere, mostly because she doesn’t like to drive in traffic.

 If you ever want to see Mrs.Mezzetta around in public, your best bet is Hendry’s beach since in her free time she goes there with her family and walks her dog. Her favorite thing about her job is that there is something new every day, even with her students since every student is different in their own way. When she was growing up, on Christmas Eve,  her favorite memory was when she and her family would open pajamas and wear them to bed, and she still does that with her family today. 

Family is really important to Mrs.Mezzetta. Her proudest moment in life was having her 7-month-old son, Landon. She is also so grateful for her family because they helped her move down to Fullerton to go to college and become a teacher at Santa Barbara Junior High. When Mrs.Mezzetta was in Junior High math was her favorite subject because her math teacher was cool; he made her want to learn more and engaged her in his class. Mrs.Mezzetta was born to be an English teacher. In fact, she said if she was deserted on an island and could only take one thing, she would take a reading book!

It was great to meet with Mrs. Mezzetta and get to know more about her and I hope that you will too! “I love that there is something new every single day” Mrs. Mezzetta.  

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