Field Trip to Presidio



By Jaya Goforth and Simone Corral

Santa Barbara Junior High seventh-graders took a field trip to the El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park. On the field trip, students got to see and learn about the way people lived and migrated to Santa Barbara a long time ago. About 20,000 Chumash had lived here at the Presidio. 

When we arrived at the Presidio, there were four different stations set up for us to go to. At each station, there was a different thing to learn about. At station one we learned about how migration makes a neighborhood. We went across the street and got a tour of El Cuartel. El Cuartel is the oldest building in Santa Barbara and the second oldest in the state. When we were there we also learned about some restaurants that were named and established after people that used to live there a long time ago.

 The second station was about what you would bring with you if you migrated. For example, some people brought weapons, musical instruments, and blankets. We wrote on a poster about things we would have brought if we lived back then. Then on the other side of the paper, we wrote about things we could bring now.

At the third station, we read a line from an “I Am From” poem we had been writing in English about where we were from and what it was like where we lived. We also drew two pictures, one was the present Santa Barbara and the second one was ten years later, what would Santa Barbara look like.

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