Meet Faha

by Stella Malget

 You’ve probably seen Faha around but don’t know much about her. She works as one of the campus safety officers for Santa barbara jr. high. Here are some facts I found out about her. I asked her, If you were a superhero, what would your dream superpower be and why? She said,  flying because then she can see what’s happening or what’s going to happen. She would also love to teach flying a plane but doesn’t have the materials too. My other question to her is, What was your favorite grade when you were in jr.high? She told me she went to a private school called Crane school and the grades went to kindergarten to 8th. 7th was her favorite because she said she had the same group of friends and because they were becoming more mature and more independent and how they were molding and shaping their lives. Here is one question that’s about what she prefers. If you were stranded on an island, what is one thing you would bring and why? She said she would bring matches because she hates being cold. 

I’m not sure if any of you guys know but she was a professional basketball player for some time. I have some questions that I asked her that relate to basketball. The first question is, What are your favorite activities to do in your free time? She said, In her free time she loves to coach basketball at Santa barbara jr high and volunteer at our press at Santa barbara jr high. She likes to be around younger adults. What was your favorite childhood memory? One of her favorite childhood memories was playing basketball with her brothers and being picked on boys teams before her brothers where. One of her proudest moments was watching her older brother graduate high school. 

How has your family influenced your career? Her family has been a big part of her career. It’s always been education and gets a career not a job. After college, she came back to Santa Barbara and got hired as a probation officer and she did that for 21 years. She was also a juvenile officer. Then an adult officer but she went back to the juvenile at Los Prietos Boys Camp and then she retired 2 years ago. So her family was a big part of that. What’s your favorite thing about your job and why? A favorite thing about her job is being able to connect especially with females and being able to help kids when they think the world is terrible and they don’t want to live anymore. Also, you can give them another outlook and they respect you for it. What decisions have to lead you to be here? After she retired she knew she didn’t want to do the upper teenage kids she wanted to do the lower teenage kids. Because she doesn’t want to sit in an office all day so the campus safety officer was her best bet and she also said she already knew a lot about it because she was an officer for her other jobs. 


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