Meet With Ms. Partlow

By Sasha Drucker 

Ms. Partlow used to be a volleyball coach at DP, and one day she decided that she wanted to be able to do more involving teaching. One of her colleagues suggested that she should teach, and at first she didn’t want to, but eventually gave in. Her favorite rom-com is “Sweet Home Alabama” because she used to live there and she loved to catch fireflies. You should never lie to Ms. Partlow, because it’s her number one pet peeve both while she’s teaching, and while she’s at home. Also, she hates being told that she can’t do something, especially when it comes to sexism. Her family doesn’t really influence her career, because there’s not really any teachers in her family, but her family supported her in her decision to move from engineering to teaching, which was a big relief for her. She also says that working with kids is better because adults are like kids but with higher expectations. She describes herself as someone who is perky, smart, and uplifting. She’s learned to not take herself too seriously, which is a big lesson for her. Ms. Partlow would say that her greatest achievements are finishing college, because her family didn’t come from money, and being able to get through the trauma of losing some of her best friends. Her favorite part of the job is being able to hang out with the kids, and having conversations that you couldn’t have elsewhere. Ms. Partlow feels most confident when she is well prepared for what’s coming, and also she’s good with improvising. Ms. Partlow is a very well-rounded person and a lovely teacher.

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