Meet Ms. Valdez

by Ahtziri Bernal-Castro 


I interviewed Ms. Valdez, a 7th and 8th grade English teacher. She has been teaching at SBJHS for two years now. She is engaged and will be getting married next year.

As a kid, Ms.Valdez wanted to be a party planner because she liked to see people be happy and liked to see how well everything would come together at the end of hard work.

Someone she looked up too as a kid was her mom because, in her eyes, her mom could do anything in the world. Growing up, her family always had two dogs and at the moment they still have two dogs. Ms. Valdez’s biggest pet peeve is walking behind someone on the sidewalk who is going really slow and trying to get in front of them.

Ms. Valdez decided to be a teacher in her senior year of high school after her favorite teacher nudged her towards the world of education. When she was in high school, Ms. Valdez’s celebrity crush was Ryan Reynolds. He became her celebrity crush after she watched The Proposal. Mrs. Valdez’s dream house would be a one-story, three-bedroom house, it would always be clean and organized; also all the decor would match. If she could meet a famous person it would be Selena Gomez because they are about the same age and she would like to see the work she’s doing for the community.



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