Christmas at Costco

By: Joshua Loza

It’s that time of year again. Every time you go to a store around October, you can find lots of Halloween related things, such as costumes, candy, pumpkin and those fake plastic pumpkins that hold candy. Something else pops up around this time, and that’s other holiday-related things. For some reason, Christmas and Thanksgiving decorations tend to start making their way to the holiday section, usually, they can take up more space than the Halloween section. Then this begs the question, why? Why do these stores put up Christmas and Thanksgiving decor so early, and why does it have to take the spotlight from Halloween? 

One reason that this maybe is that the holidays are bigger. Christmas takes place for what seems to feel like the whole month, and Thanksgiving feels this way too.  The holiday can be loved by everyone, unlike Halloween which can scare some people who are easily terrified. 

Another reason may be that people can get stuff early for a smaller price. This is because Christmas / Thanksgiving items can be expensive around the holidays. This can be annoying to some, because they just want to focus on the current season. But to others, they find this quite convenient. 

So there you have it, those are the reasons why stores put up fan-favorite holiday items early. So the next time you see Christmas decor at Costco in October, remember that there are people who may actually find use to these things.


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