Meet Mr. Zeledon

By Bianca Montero


Mr. Z is many things. He’s a father, a History teacher, and a very spontaneous, funny, and occasionally grouchy person. He’s also a fantastic storyteller! Instead of just telling the story, Mr. Z makes the story seem interesting and come to life, like a movie. Mr. Z is also a very busy man, as in the morning he drops off his daughter at Dos Pueblos High School, drives to this school (SBJH) and starts preparing by making copies of the lessons he’s going to teach that day. Then school starts, and he teaches 5 periods of 7th-grade honors Social Studies. When the school day is over he goes home and relaxes by walking his dog. He also helps his wife make dinner. When dinners over, he goes straight to getting ready for the next day. That’s what he does every day, without fail. The thing is Mr. Z initially didn’t want to teach at SBJH, but he was lucky to get this job right after college. It turned out to be the best experience for him. According to him, his biggest accomplishment is teaching 25 years without going crazy. 

His strengths as a teacher is an experience, being bilingual, and the fact that he has kids. If Mr. Z could teach another subject, he would teach about movies and cinema, the history of movies and the art of making movies. If Mr. Z could pick between reading or watching movies he probably wouldn’t be able to choose. He loves both reading and watching movies, he’s a big fan of movies but really likes reading. Mr. Z also loves classic books, he says that they’re the best read. One thing that makes him laugh is skateboard accidents. He also wanted to say a little something to all of you:

“ I’m honored to work at this school, and I hope the students will also appreciate the time that they spend here. In one of the most beautiful places in Santa Barbara.”  

Thank you for reading!

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