What is Climate Change?

By Carlos Unzueta 

What is climate change? Well, climate change is the global change in the earth’s climate and is one of the big stories in the whole world right now. Climate change is also known as global warming which is caused by human activity. This also occurs when there are different changes in our earth’s system that lasts for a certain amount of time that can last days or maybe hundreds of years. 


    For example, one time of the year you can be in hot, scorching summer weather and then in a couple months you can be in cold, stormy winter weather. That process is all climate change. Early in our earth’s timeline, there was something called an Ice Age. This time period started about 2 million years ago and lasted for almost 12,000 years. This was when the whole world was covered in glaciers and snow. That was an example of climate change, the ice age was a long period of time when the earth was a snowball, but it eventually changed over time. Imagine our earth without any change in the weather, it wouldn’t be as unique as we know it today. Our world might need climate change, but it also brings many dangers to our planet also.


    Climate change is what makes our world so unique, but it can also be a very destructive thing, too. Many news reports say that our world’s oceans and mountains are in danger because of global warming. Climate change is damaging our world by destroying glaciers and breaking up ice on rivers much earlier than usual. It can lead to mass animal extinction because most animals need a certain climate to stay alive. Climate change can affect the world’s crops and crops are very vital for everyone. It is also bringing more intense heat waves and sea levels are rising because of climate change and that can lead to death in most sea creatures. Climate change has also led to many angry people in our city. Santa Barbara has had protests about climate change and students of high schools and junior highs in Santa Barbara have even shown up to the protests. Although climate change is what makes our world unique and great, it also damages the world and might damage it even more in years to come.


         Last week there were high sea levels in Florida by the cause of intense and heavy rain. This shower sparked a big flood all across Florida and the central part of the U.S. This flood affected many sea creatures in the oceans. It also swallowed up many businesses and homes, too. This is an example of what global warming can really do to our country and the whole entire world. This dangerous effect in our world can lead to many disasters on our planet and it can really harm the world. 


      Scientists said that if we don’t take care of our world, it can be destroyed in a couple decades or so. That means that it is our job to help our world stay healthy in every way possible so that way nothing can harm it, even climate change.


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