Halloween Traditions

                                                      By Stella Malget


In my opinion, having holiday traditions are a great way to celebrate Halloween. Halloween is not just for little kids or big kids, it’s for both. Some Halloween traditions are Corn mazes, Haunted houses, Trick or treating, Halloween costume parties, lighting bonfires, telling scary stories, and watching scary movies. My favorite traditions are going through haunted houses and watching scary movies. While the holiday itself doesn’t have an age limit, some traditions are more suited for certain age ranges. You can also decorate for Halloween. Whenever we drive to go to places we will see all the houses with fun decorations. We saw two houses that the owners made their front yards into a mini haunted house. For our Halloween party, we walked through the neighborhood and looked at everyone’s decorations. 

My family has some unique Halloween traditions, the beach doesn’t seem like a place to celebrate Halloween, but it’s a fun place to swim and carve pumpkins.  This year our family went to Leadbetter beach and swam with pumpkins. Did you know that pumpkins float? I didn’t until we started another family tradition when we lived in Santa Cruz. A pumpkin plunge is an event at a pool where you swim with huge pumpkins. There are obstacle courses, paddleboards, and kayaks in the big pool, and the other pool has a water slide that was always busy. There’s always a bunch of pumpkins floating in another pool. They also have prize drawings like a raffle. 

Halloween traditions can be traditional or unique. Everyone kinda has their own idea of what is fun to do for Halloween. It’s a personal decision, and some people don’t celebrate which is okay too. Haunted houses and watching scary movies might be the way you want to celebrate Halloween, but some others like to come up with their own unique ways to celebrate. My favorite overall is to go to haunted houses and watch scary movies for Halloween. What’s yours?


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