A Spooktacular Halloween

By Sasha Drucker

Marley took a deep breath. It was finally time for her to trick-or-treat! She had been working on her costume for weeks upon weeks, and today she would finally be able to wear it out. After so many things had gone wrong with her costume at school, she knew that it was finally perfected. 

“Marley, honey, stand still so we can get your picture!” Marley’s mom exclaimed.

“Marley, I’m so happy that your fairy is all perfect!” her dad yelled from the couch.

“Daddy, you know that I’m a water fairy, not just any ordinary fairy! How many times do I have to tell you?” Marley chided.

Marley was your typical seven-year-old girl. She had short dusty brown hair which was almost always in pigtails, with the exception of tonight. She was an only child, and her parents were always fretting over anything she did.  As of now, her mom was struggling to put the last piece of Marley’s costume into place, which was difficult because poor Marley couldn’t stand still.

“Let me take your picture, and then we’ll go! Unfortunately, your father will be staying home this year,” Marley’s mom informed.

The picture had been taken, and Marley was off. She opened the big wooden front door and she ran to the first house.

“Trick or treat!” Marley exclaimed. 

“What are you supposed to be?” the person at the door asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m a water fairy!”

“Are you with your parents?”


The conversation continued like this, but little did Marley know, her mom had found a friend and accidentally continued without her. By now, Marley had finished talking and from this house, she had gotten a Right Twix and a Kit Kat, which were two of her favorites. So far Halloween was off to a great start.

“Mom, I’m all ready!” Marley called out. There was no response. “Mom?”

Marley sprinted down the pathway, only to find that her mom wasn’t there. Her heart was pounding in her chest. 

A crowd was approaching. They all seemed to be in their early teens, so of course, their costumes would be too gruesome. 

“Are you ready to die?” and “I’m always watching you!” were some of the common things they would say to her, along with just staring at her with those bloody masks.

It was at that moment when Marley began to cry. That crowd of teens had completely disoriented her, and she was lost. She cried, harder and harder until choking sobs consumed her body.

“Marley, are you okay?” it was her mom. Marley had never felt so relieved in her life.

“I went up to g-get candy, a-a-and then you were g-gone and it was sca-scary and I missed y-you so-so much!” she said through the tears.

“Marley, you’re okay now. I’ll always have your back.”

And at that moment, everything disappeared. Nothing mattered to Marley more than being in the safe arms of her mother. 

“Can we keep going?” Marley’s mom asked.

“Only if you won’t leave me,” Marley responded.

After so many things had gone wrong on Halloween, the rest was bound to be perfect. Marley just knew that this Halloween would be the best.


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