Is It Ever To Old To Trick OR Treat


By Jaya Goforth 

It’s the most spooky day of the year. It’s today, it’s Halloween!! But the real question is it ever too old to Trick or Treat! Some people might say Trick or Treating is for little kids and babies, but really it’s for all the daredevil Halloween loving kids! And here is why.


The first reason to Trick or Treat when your older is the candy. Everyone loves candy so why not get a bucket full of it for free?! Plus if you get a bunch of candy that’s an excuse to eat a bunch of candy.


The second reason to Trick or Treat when you get older is that you get to be with friends and have a fun time with your besties. Even as you get older it is still fun to dress up and have a blast with your friends doing one of the best spooky things, Trick or Treating!


The third reason to Trick or Treat when your older is that dressing up and doing Halloween tradition keeps you young at heart. This world is a serious place and when you get older you get more responsibility. Dressing up and having fun keeps all people of age having fun!


So, in conclusion, go Trick or Treating on Halloween because remember, you always will grow older, but you can never grow younger. So when you have the opportunity to Trick or Treat, take it!

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