Vaping, How does it affect us?

By Beatrize Southern

    Vaping has become a big problem not only in America but worldwide. As vaping has become a bigger issue, people start to wonder, what are the side effects of vaping, and how do they affect us? Well, first let’s start with how vaping came to be.

    The first prototype of an e-cigarette, believe it or not, was created in 1960 by Hebert A. Gilbert. Although it wasn’t commercialized, this was the start of something that would become a big problem. In 1979, Phil Ray and Norman Jacobson created the first commercialized variation of the e-cigarette, which was not actually electronic. The commercialization of the product reached many major retailers, but the device was never very promising and had a lot of issues. Later, in 2003, the first successful e-cigarette was created in Beijing, China by Hon Lik, a 52-year-old pharmacist. It is said that he created the device after his father, a heavy smoker, passed away from lung cancer, and he created the device in hopes that it wouldn’t have the same effects as smoking. 

    Towards the end of 2006, and in early 2007, the e-cigarette was introduced to the United States. Throughout 2008 and 2009 many countries started to notice the effects of vaping and banned it completely. Although vaping is illegal in other countries, it is still legal here in the USA, but the government has found ways to prevent vaping in public areas. 

Now, let’s get on t  the side-effects of vaping. Vaping, as we all know, is very dangerous and can do a lot of damage to your health. Vaping can cause various different cancers, such as cancer of the lungs, mouth, and bladder. Although it is not proven that vaping causes these cancers, scientists believe that since vaping is still based on the same toxins as smoking, it will have the same effect. Sadly, a lot of kids our age participate in vaping. Vaping does a lot of lethal damage to adults much older than us, imagine what damage it would do to 12-18-year-old kids!  

Thank you for reading this article, as it is a very important topic to discuss.

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