National Novembers Days

By Joshua Loza

As we enter the month of November, you’ll start to see many holiday-related things popping up. Christmas wrapping paper, door hangings, expansive food, and more. But what can you look forward to this month holiday wise? The obvious holiday is Thanksgiving, it’s the holiday most associated with November. But did you know about all the national days there are in this month? 

One popular one is national cupcake day, a day all about cupcakes, on November 10th. You can celebrate this odd day by baking cupcakes for friends and family. Or you can learn about the history of the famous treats instead.

Next, there’s national sundae day, on November 11th, the day after cupcake day. This day is pretty straightforward, you enjoy sundaes! The ice cream treat seems somewhat interesting for the fall/winter season, but I don’t think people will seem to look into it too much. 

The last national day I will share with you is the national peanut butter fudge day on the 20th. This day was one of the most interesting days I could find on the calendar. This day is celebrated by making peanut butter fudge related items. For example, you could make a tray of peanut butter fudge cubes for friends and family. 

So now you know that there are more days related to food than just Thanksgiving. You can learn the history of these days on

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