After School Sports

By Ahtziri Bernal       


 We have started after school sports! The sports we have started are girls soccer, cross country, and boys basketball. The Condors practice four times a week from 2:45- 3:45 for 4 weeks. They have games every Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30. The sports that we played for the first season are boys basketball, cross country, and girls soccer.

           The Condors had their first game here at school against La Colina but for the boy’s basketball team, it didn’t go that well we lost. But as much as we know the girl’s soccer team tied 3-3. Then next week we had a game against La cumbre. As for the boy’s basketball game they had three games going on at once all of them won except for one. Both of the games the girl’s soccer team had they both won also we had Arwin take the lead. On October 16 we had our sports play against Goleta Valley Junior High school. We had a nice win from the girl’s soccer team. 8-2 and 5-2?  It was the last game of the season the girl’s soccer team won all their games and sadly as for the boy’s basketball team they lost against La Colina again.

          The coaches for the boy’s basketball team are Ms.fallon and coach  Keller the soccer coaches are Mr.Zeledon and Mr.Newhouse; we also have the cross country coach K.

 This is now our second sports season we are now playing boys soccer and girls basketball. we already had our first game against La Colina the boy’s team won but sadly the girl’s basketball lost. The scores for the boy’s soccer game were for the eighth-grade team was 6-1 and the seventh grader’s team was 4-2. But the girl’s scores were 17-25 and another team was 34-25. We just had our second game the boy’s soccer team the eighth-grade team tied and the seventh-grade team won, but yet again the girl’s basketball team lost.


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