The Love for winter

by: Joshua Loza

We are back into the special time of year again. Were the leaves grow dark from an entire year of growing, and decide to give in to winters cold touch. The wind picks up at night, and you’re snuggled up in your blanket. Hot chocolate in hand, taking small sips. You waited all year for this. This wonderful taste of fall and winter. This warm feeling you get that could only be love. The love for winter. 

What do you love about these times? These cold, yet warm, times. They contain the best memories for families. It always brings them together. Or what about food? Food feels almost essential for winter. There’s eggnog, fruit cakes, Christmas cookies, and many more. So I ask you again, what do you love about these cold times? Do you have, the love for winter?

Times are changing really fast. The cold winter and the quiet fall has arrived as they do. They enter the room invited by all. And they make themselves at home. We tell stories to one another about the coming time’s fate brings. And the love for winter, starts to ring.


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