Gymnasts that have enough hours should get Independent P.E

By Jaya Goforth and Simone Corral

Many gymnasts who have enough hours want to have independent P.E. But don’t get it due to their levels in gymnastics. Gymnast that are not at level six and up are not allowed to get independent P.E. Even when they have a little less hours or even the same amount. Another thing that even if you are a state champion and at level 5, you can’t get independent P.E.


From personal experience when I, Jaya was level 5 and I wanted independent P.E and I got denied at first. It was a long process that lasted until May 2019 to August 2019. Looking back it should not have taken that long. They said I had to be level 6 when at our gym we have the hours and the same amount of days, and I am going to start competing level 6 January 2020. 


Also to get independent P.E. at SBJH, you need to have 15 hours every two weeks. Even level 3 and 4 gymnasts should be able to get it with 21 hours a week but level 5 should get it even more because they have 28 hours a week which is almost double the amount that you need to have.


With all these hours of practice there’s also a lack of time for homework and completing schoolwork and having the basic knowledge of learning, and isn’t that more important than a P.E. class that athletes don’t need. Also, it can interfere with practice because on run days it gets you really tired when we need to save energy when we do really hard things it’s almost a little dangerous.


In conclusion, students who have enough hours even if there not high enough rank. No matter what level you are. Hopefully, in the future this helps other girls to be able to apply and get independent P.E! 


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